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Craig Cameron

For US House of Representatives, Illinois 7th District

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Rebuilding Our Communities

I’m Craig Cameron, candidate for US Congress for the 7th District of Illinois. I am asking for your support for my campaign and for your vote on General Election Day, Tuesday, November 3,  2020

Our neighborhoods aren’t as safe as they were when I was a child. Parents fear allowing their children to play outside, and a criminal element has claimed our communities. The situation is even more exasperated, as we face a global pandemic that has necessitated quarantines in Illinois and across the world. The world as we know it will change forever. My vision is to take this opportunity to join forces with my fellow Chicagoan’s to build a better future for our city.

Our Representatives in Washington have learned through experience that if anything is to get done in the capital city, we need leaders who are willing to work across the aisle to engage individuals who don’t act or think like themselves. Likewise, if we are going to be the best Chicago we can be, we have to build together. It is time for a new generation of leaders to take leadership in Washington, DC. 

As a public servant, I will work to bring jobs back to Illinois and put Chicagoans back to work. I will also promote safer communities, protect our borders, and work across the aisle to fix the broken health care system. We need to put the power back into the hands of the citizens and reduce the size of government. American people want a hand up, not a hand out!

Why I’m Running

My name is Craig Cameron. I am running for U.S. Congress for the 7th District in Chicago. I believe that I can make a difference and bring change and prosperity to the entire district, and to our great nation. 

As you know, Democrat Danny Davis has held the seat for the past 23 years, and I think Davis is a nice enough guy and he knew my father well, but I believe it’s time for new leadership in Congress. Not a lot has changed in the Greater Chicago area, and much of that has to do with the fact that the same people continue to hold positions in DC.

I am asking for your vote in November to be part of the needed change. 

Thanks for considering me!


The Issues


My number one agenda will include bringing jobs back to Chicago, and promoting initiatives to put American citizens back to work. When men and women are working they don’t have time to loiter and engage in illegitimate opportunities. This effort, along with passing legislation that promotes best practices in policing and the ability to increase funding to states which experience high crime rates, like Chicago. This will enable cities to improve their technology and hire more police officers, which will lead to safer streets. Our neighborhoods should be a place where children feel safe playing in parks, and adults feel safe exercising and enjoying the great outdoors.


Every American should have the right to bear arms. It is our constitutional right to protect ourselves, our homes, and our families. Guns are also used for hunting and sports shooting. Laws should ensure that the public is protected from the criminal element, to keep guns out of the hands of individuals who abuse this privilege.


The health care system is broken in this country. Individuals are forced to carry insurance and the current health care legislation requires a major overhaul.  When I am in Washington, I will work to ensure that laws are passed that reflect the true heart of the American people. Private industry and healthy competition are the foundation in which this country was built.  Big government and taxes aren’t the answer to better health care. As your congressman, I will work across the aisle to recommend alternatives that will benefit the public and create efficiencies in the system, to drive down the cost of health care and ensure that Americans are in control of their own health care. I will advocate for lower premiums, and more coverage for the cost of your plan. Opiate addiction is a growing concern in our communities, especially among the teenage population. We need to concentrate our efforts on targeting those who are creating the problem, not on criminalizing those who suffer from additions.


Our tax structure has gotten out of hand. When taxes are used as an incentive to hire workers, and to encourage businesses to invest, this helps grow our economy. We need more incentives to put people back to work, rather than incentivizing people for not working. Government subsidies should be limited and only used for a short time by individuals who are in transition and those who don’t have the ability to work. We need more tax breaks to encourage domestic companies to stay and we need to promote incentives to bring back companies which have relocated to other countries. Bringing companies back to America, will increase the number of jobs for American citizens and will improve the employment outlook and the tax base in our cities.


Access to capital is one of the greatest challenges among small business owners. We need better investment vehicles, that will allow entrepreneurs to invest their own money into their own communities. Community bonds may well be the vehicle to bring about such changes. Community bonds benefit communities, and provides capital for projects without raising taxes.

About Craig

Craig Cameron is an accomplished Project Manager with 10 years of industrial commercial and residential construction experience. He is distinguished by exceptional leadership and problem solving skills. Craig has experience in client relations, planning, allocating resources, and controlling multiple elements of complex projects. He has also managed multimillion-dollar budgets employed keen analytical and critical thinking skills to devise tactics that resolve problems appropriately and expediently. Craig’s outstanding interpersonal skills will make him an asset in DC, as he works to get things done across the aisles. He establishes rapport with diverse individuals and fosters positive business relationships. Craig is an experienced negotiator with experience working with government agencies, the Army Corp of Engineers, in the construction and telecommunications industries, and for companies such as T-Mobile, Sprint PCS, Brookstone Construction Co., Spathies Construction Co.

Craig earned a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies  in 1994 from the University of Illinois – Chicago.

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